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Who is the most filial piety in the Spring Festival this year?

Before the Spring Festival, my uncle from the countryside came to see me in the city and told me a true touching story. The hero of the story is my uncle, he is Five0 years old this year, live in rural Changsha County, grew up without a father and mother, is the village’s uncle, aunt aunt brought him up. He grew up as a production leader, worked in the city, and laterWomen Nike Chicago Bears Walter Payton Blue White Split ThreeFour NFL JerseysI started my own pig farm, and I made a lot of money. But he did not forget the society, did not forget his hometown, love and filial piety selflessly dedicated to the elderly in the village, he treated them as their own parents as filial piety. New year’s coming, he went house to house as usualKids Nike San Francisco Four9ers #99 Aldon Smith Red Nike NFL JerseysVisit the old people in the village and donate money to the old people who are in trouble. In particular, there’s a couple of more than 80Giuseppe Zanotti men sneakersGrandma and grandpa, there is no labor force in the family, and the action is not convenient. He not only donated a lot of money, but also helped them solve many practical difficulties. The old man could not move water, he bought the water, help them to tap water from the mountain road is not good; go out walking, he brought some stone sand on the road. Two old man moved to a rambling thank you: “ ”, the people in the village all thumbs up called him &ldquo &rdquo side;. Listen to the uncle’s story, I was educated, I am determined to love him, respect and filial piety. New year’s twenty-nine, mother at home to do sanitation, busy. I offered to help her pull the corridor. My mother in the usual way, the eighth floor from the first floor has been dragged with a mop. Although I am tired body sweating, but looked that I was too clean corridor, my heart can not help a burst of joy and pride, because I used their own practical action to express my gratitude to my mother. My mother is happy that I said: “ he really grew up ”
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FourFive0 words about Spring Festival composition

The Spring Festival is one of my most love festival, because the Spring Festival is how happy ah! The Spring Festival is a family reunion holiday home, relatives are returned to their parents. The first night of the new year is called Lunar New Year’s Eve. It is a reunion night, and the family should gather around to make dumplings. Dumplings and the approach is to face, &ldquo and ” “ ” words; “ ” “ dumpling; ”. Because “ ” and “ ” have the meaning of reunion, so the reunion night to make dumplings. Late on New Year’s EveZanotti SCHOENENNight, we all ate the dinner on New Year’s Eve are bustling, sitting in front of the television, tasting the fruits, enjoy the Spring Festival Gala, looking forward to the new year’s bell sounded quickly. When the New Year bell sounded the moment, we as cheerful as a lark and long one year old, because we have the sound of firecrackers! As one falls, another rises my brother and sister, hurry to pay New Year’s call with grandparents and parents, uncles and aunts, and wish them a happy new year, good luck in everything, all wishes come true, they are happy to give us the new year money, we wish a healthy growth, learning progress, and we are happy to jump up: “ finally get the gift money! ” home pay New Year’s call sound of firecrackers sound and sink into a happy song. After we got the lucky money, we ran downstairs to see everybody setting off firecrackers. Dad put a string of firecrackers dragged into the yard, we hurried back to cover their ears, dad in our “ ” fast, fast! Sounds lit firecrackers, firecrackers on the &ldquo for a while, crackling sound; ” this is a new year, Congratulations!! the new year is coming!!!
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I spend the Spring Festival this way

Spring Festival is our most traditional festival, but also every family has a festival. We should prepare firecrackers,Spring Festival couplets、年画、吃的、灯笼和衣服。每当过春节的时候,也是我的心情最高兴的时候。  过春节时,每家每户都要准备很多东西,你看大街上的人人山人海显得喜气洋洋。妈妈和我去买年货,我们买了Spring Festival couplets买了年画等很多东西。最让我高兴的是我买了一些鞭炮。妈妈还给我买了新衣服。年货买回来了,我们要把家里打扫得干干净净的,妈妈一早就把灯笼挂了起来,爸爸也把Spring Festival couplets和福字帖到门上,我把干果都放进盘子里,摆放的整整齐齐的。Nike, Miami, Dolphins, 17#, Ryan, Tannehill, Green, Nike, Jerseys, NFLOn the thirty day of the year, my mother put on a new dress for me. I was so happy. In the afternoon, my father and mother did a lot of my favorite dishes. When I had a reunion dinner together, the whole family was very happy. Family reunion dinner, the whole family sit together to watch the Spring Festival Gala, the festival is very exciting, there are pieces, there are songs, as well as songs and dances. The adults are making dumplings. It’s nearly twelve, and there is firecrackers outside. My father and I took the firecracker off the stairs and went downstairs. I smelled itTimberland SCHOENENAt the fireworks, we set off a lot of firecrackers, and I put on a firework. Just a little quickly ran back, so for a while without a father asked how not ah! I see! Dad said: “ be careful not collapse with ” “, I said: I will be ” I go from the point of it, finally lit five, the color six color of firecrackers in the air like a blooming flower, very beautiful. Put off firecrackers, we eat dumplings, began to pay New Year’s call, everyone gave me lucky money.Nike, Detroit, Lions, #FourFour, Best, Blue, Elite, Nike, Jerseys, NFLThe new year has begun, and I hope the whole family will be happy. I hope my study progress.
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Spring knowledge

(1) the first month of the lunar year is our national traditional festival; — — the spring festival. As for the Spring Festival, there are many customs around the Spring Festival, but the new year’s Eve dinner is the most important one. A bigThe “Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite AG White Green Gerard Pique Soccer Cleats”Family reunion together, happy, lively taste delicious wine, enjoyable. The new year’s Eve dinner, we northerners like to eat dumplings, indicating good luck in the coming year; while southerners like to eat glutinous rice dumplings, symbolizing the family round and round. Listen to big people say, before, new year’s day can eat the good things that can not be eaten at ordinary times, therefore, people always hope to have new year’s day every day. Today, we eat every day like the new year, and now hope to busy for a year, the family can get together. This year, my family’s new year’s Eve dinner is in the hotel. The family can be happy together, the adults gave me a lot of blessings, as well as lucky money. I also wish the elders good health and all the best! Everyone eating, drinking, saying, laughing, … … our family’s new year’s Eve dinner is full of deep affection. (two) today is the Spring Festival, the first day of the lunar year. Morning, the sun rises gradually, the sun dispelled the mist, sky blue. Me and dad,FitFlop sko DanmarkMom went out to play, we go out, see the street is very lively, the air rippling crackers of smoke flavor, people in festival clothes, all bursting with happiness. Happy new year for our children. My hand with red, yellow, green Yingying balloon, laughing. Our one family came to Gupeng square. Holiday Gupeng square huge crowds of people, decorated, Phi hung Gualv, everywhere is floating in a bunch of colorful balloons and banners; the sound of gongs and drums burst Jinsi, people dancing dragon, twisting yangko dance, it is a sea of joy, we are immersed in itNewcastle, United, Two01Three\/Two01Four, CABAYE, Away, Soccer, JerseyA festive festivity.
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Family Spring Festival Gala

On the afternoon of the thirty year of the lunar year, my family and two aunts and three families go to my grandmother’s home for the spring festival. My sister in grade five and I have come up with a good idea. Each of us will give a program and hold a family Spring Festival Gala, so that this year’s Spring Festival will be more meaningful. My sister and I will become the host of the party. byAdidas, Miami, Heat, #6, LeBron, James, Black, Swingman, Latin,, Nights, NBA, JerseyThe party was up to a high level. We were busy with the program, preparing for the show and preparing for the afternoon. The adults also practiced their programs under my command. Eat the reunion dinner, my sister and family presided over the Spring Festival Gala began. The whole family sat in front of the TV, my sister and I like the TV, go on stage “ ”, say hello to the audience “ happy Two00Three passed, the new year is about to begin, in this auspicious and happy days, I wish grandpa and grandma to health and longevity, & hellip; … the entire family is happy, good luck in everything, I ” fluent in both lines won warm applause from the audience, the first time I felt when the host hard and happy. In a laughter, Grandpa first show “Liu Haikan qi&aacute o”; he wore, tai chi clothing, holding a folding fan, a dialect drum drama, let us laugh. Next: my sister and the English song “Snow Flower” ró ng, Li Li “Grandpa happy North North Hill,” Grandma’s opera “Shajiabang” … … especially, only two younger brother singing songs “little swallow”, let the whole family shù a thumb, unanimously awarded the first prize, I granted him &ldquo certificate; ” I!FitFlop tilbudBy organizing this event, j&igrave added joy and knowledge to the whole family.
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Spring Festival Watch light

I’m looking forward to itWomen, Nike, Minnesota, Vikings,, Harrison, Smith, Purple, White,, Purple, Split, NFL, JerseysFitFlop sko udsalgTwo01Three New StyleThe Spring Festival, and so on, and so on, and finally wait until the evening of the first day of the year. Perhaps you will ask: why do you look forward to the lunar new year? Thirty is fun! That’s because mom promised to take me to Binhe Road to watch the light on the evening of the first day. The first night, I put on my roller skates, accompanied by my mother, all the way to the riverside road. As soon as I arrived at my destination, I saw the fireworks in the sky, and the brightly lit streets on both sides of the Yellow River. It was as if the two dragons were coming to the world, and they brought us a colorful spring festival. Imperceptibly, I and my mother has come to the riverside road, far from Zhongshan bridge radiation with a charming color, garden type arches were mounted on a shape to the lights on both sides of the Yellow River, there are also countless lights contrast, much of the look, the entire Zhongshan bridge as a dragon lying on top of the Yellow River, enjoying Lanzhou the two sides of the Yellow River charming night. At the close, the road on both sides of the trees are covered with colored lights, but also kept changing color, every street lamp has hung red lanterns greatly and China knot, as a whole road is very bright, red, green and blue many lanterns, this street has become rainbow Street was resplendent with variegated coloration. In this beautiful light, we soon came to the Zhongshan bridge, hey! This bridge has become particularly attractive today, the whole bridge covered with big red lanterns, let this majestic Zhongshan bridge adds a strong festive atmosphere. The Yellow River is more charming because of the embellishment of the Zhongshan bridge, which is more magnificent because of the contrast of the Yellow River. Although it was already late, my mother and I did not want to leave the beautiful Riverfront Road, the magnificent Zhongshan bridge. I want to keep looking at the beautiful night, this is the happiest thing for me. I would prefer to have our waterfront roads all dressed up as beautiful every day.
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Uncomfortable Spring Festival
The Spring Festival is a happy day, but I have the Spring Festival, not the taste of the spring festival. Originally, we should have a happy family, but a sudden accident destroyed our good mood. The spring festival that year, we are happy to welcome the new year to return to his uncle, but at that time for a long time did not see the shadow of his uncle. I thought he had something to do with the delay. But which know a phone call back, but the grandpa and grandma sat aunt secretly weeping heave great sighs. I guess it must have been an accident outside the uncle, I do not expect fruit, the first day of the QingNike Philadelphia Eagles 65 Green Elite NFL Johnson JerseysEarly, my father took the clothes came to my grandmother, and still say what, just get up on the toilet I see. Originally, I was confused, this time a lot of sober. I tiptoed to the door and listened to their conversation. They are said to Uncle heard this thing, my curiosity is greater, he has been hiding in the door to listen to them, and listened for a long time after I finally understand why uncle did not return the antecedents and consequences. It turned out that uncle bought a ticket is about to come back, suddenly encountered a gangster in the station, and this is a bunch of veryNike San Francisco 16 Joe Elite Lights Out Black NFL Jersey 49ers MontanaFierceFitFlop skoRuthless criminals, they put a uncle to the woods, because Uncle revolt, so will he give a meal, and took all the money, but the uncle in Months and years pass by. the hard-earned money. The thought of the money went down and my heart grew heavy. It was perhaps just on TV to see, can even happen in my own home! Often to the Chinese New Year festive days, I will think of the sad of the Spring Festival, and I hope that doesn’t happen in every family, after all this is sad sad ah!
Uncomfortable Spring Festival

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The Lantern Festival night lanterns
Today is the Lantern Festival fifteen. In the evening, the sun took her last light, the night fell. With the passage of time, the streets, squares, more and more people, the tour city team is about to start. Now people on the street are crowded, the square is crowded. People around the hands of the lights are lit, the fireworks began to put lanterns and toys, lamps, lights into a sky with fireworks. In the black night sky, fireworks are more conspicuous. In the world, became a sea of lights, countless people hand light tiny lights, together with the square shone as bright as day, seemed so bright in the night sky. Finally,FitFlop tilbudIn the sound of gongs and drums in a vigorous, city tour starting team. Gong with the drum, the drum with a gong, City Tour team has become the focus of attention. People talk about it, watching it, “ a ” the sound of gongs and drums through the sky, spread across the street, to the people’s ears. Go with the sound of gongs and drums, dragon dance team arrived at the head under the leadership of constantly moving and dancing, big dance floor. Some people waved their hands to light the lights, and some took out the phone to capture or record this exciting scene, there are still manyNike Dallas Cowboys 22 Black Camo Elite NFL Jerseys Camo Number Fashion E.SMITHMany people, to tour the city team on the scream. Suddenly, fireworks four, voice resounded through the sky. A fireworks &ldquo wind riotous with colour; ” a fly in the sky, then heard ‘boom’, crackling &rdqu “Nike Houston #80 Andre Nike NFL Johnson Texans JerseysO; sound. How spectacular! And city tour group go, some people follow, then leave some noisy. Three people in the square, a group of five are scattered. The square was dark and quiet.
The Lantern Festival night lanterns

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The Lantern Festival Lantern Riddles

The Lantern Festival has many customs, guess lantern riddles is one of a kind. After dinner, I couldn’t wait to run down the stairs. Cell borders, the crowd had gathered together, the streams of people busily coming and going. I was very happy, because I’m guessing the master finally have a place. Let off firecrackers, lantern riddles will officially begin, the crowd has beenFitFlop DanmarkTake the flower bed packed. I looked up and saw a riddle, which read “ my heart beat a word ”. I think: “ I am my heart with heart, vertical side, it is not a word to? ” I quickly tore into a mystery, awarding the answer, it is Wu “ ”, great! Suddenly, I was a stumbling block of “ ” stumped. I had to ask Mom and dad to help. Dad read a “ a &rdquo break the skin; come to the conclusion that, there must be a &ldquo &rdquo word; skin. My mother said “ skin must be ” “ &rdquo bit;. I said there must be “ mouth ” word side. Our decision is “ &rdquo, to sigh; the answer is wrong, really disappointing! “ for Grandpa playing guard are brothers character ”, who is this? I’m trying to think, whatWomen Nike New Jets Darrelle Revis Game LIMITED Green NFL York 24# JerseysCan not think of. Or help the book, I quickly ran upstairs to findNike Chicago Bears 54 Brian Black Game LIMITED NFL Jerseys C Patch Impact UrlacherOut of the “outlaws of the marsh”, in the book I found that this is a disease Wei Sun Li li. Look, my knowledge is not rich enough! After a night of hard mental labor “ ”, the three of us took eight pieces of “ ”.
The Lantern Festival Lantern Riddles

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Happy Lantern Festival
Today, the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, is the idea of the Lantern festival. The Lantern Festival is China’s traditional festivals, the Lantern Festival is also called “ ” &rdquo and “ Lantern Festival; another in 2000 has been the history of the festival since ancient times. Lantern FestivalKids Nike Vikings 12# Harvin White Nike NFL Minnesota Percy JerseysOn behalf of the Spring Festival has been over, so the Lantern Festival activities. After dinner. Sitting in the living room, waiting for the fireworks in Chaozhou. “ a “ eight to the opening program on time. For a while, the fireworks open, &rdquo &l Bang;Salomon st is VlerDquo; a sound, a dragon appears in front of; then, Liyudiaolongmen; another, water ballet, a pair of jump, joy….. Our family watched entranced me without saying: if it is good to live! ” a curtain spirit presented in front of us we do not, by applause. I am excited to say: &ldquo, mom, I want to set off fireworks. ” mum says, “&ldquo, go play. Don’t hurt. ” we put fireworks in the backyard. We first point “ chameleon ” at this time, showing a variety of colors, red, yellow, blue, colorful, very beautiful.Women Nike Bears #17 Jeffery White NFL Chicago Alshon JerseysWe waved around the smoke sticks, small fireworks like countless beautiful fireflies fluttering in the twinkling of an eye, it is interesting. Then, we put &ldquo Yuhua; ” like a fairy like, falling from the air. “ small bee ” whistle fly to the sky, like a flying saucer like. The sky is full of color, blooming different colors. In the night, every family was like fireworks in the match, a more than a spectacular, a more than a strange! It’s interesting! Finally put the fireworks, around the quiet. I am still pondering, enjoying the fireworks in joy, laughter, long curled in my window……
Happy Lantern Festival

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